Dana pressures Finn to come clean about their hidden crime. But her quest to tell the truth collides with her father’s secret mission in ways neither could have foreseen.

While out jogging Brody’s contact told him things would move very swiftly now while he was full of angst about the six dead service agents. Saul visited Aileen in her cell and she begged to be interviewed upstairs so she could see the outside through the window. Elaine asked for a window in her cell, a cell with a view and Saul went to check if he had that amount of sway in the supermax prison – he didn’t. Aileen went crazy, but Saul gave his word that he would go over the head of the Governor to get her the view she craved in exchange for information. Instead Saul brought her bread and wine while she sat bathed in the sunshine streaming in the window. The reminisced about their road trip and she found out that his wife was now in Mumbai. A signed order was faxed over that Aileen would get a window if she named the man in the photo. She knew enough to make it worth his while, saying where the suspect had last been when she was free – it was predictably enough another Mohammed. She had tricked Saul because she wanted to kill herself after a perfect day of seeing light and sun. Later Saul was annoyed that he had been so sloppy when he should have known better.

Quinn had survived the attack and was in hospital being visited by Carrie. He discharged himself, but not before displaying his nakedness in front of her, like she’d never seen a naked man before.

Dana travelled in a car to a pool party fund raiser with Finn while Brody and his wife Jessica travelled in another car, although unusual it served as a plot device for them to have necessary conversations about Tom’s death at the hands of the CIA and Finn’s accident. Money and lemonade followed.  Brody was really angry that Jessica and Mike knew something he thought had been safely put to bed and shouted long and loud at Carrie over the phone. Carrie spoke to Mike to appeal to his better nature, after all they both wanted people they couldn’t have.

With a flash of bare chest, Brody piqued the interest of a wealthy fundraiser. Was it his trim figure or his battle scars? Brody didn’t want to be called a hero by Rex, said he was just someone captured and thrown down a hole for years. Rex told him he was only supporting Walden because he wanted to support Brody in 8 year’s time.  Afterwards Carrie and Brody met in the wood behind Rex’s   house. Brody mourned the man he should have been, the quiet hero.  Brody and Carrie kissed like they meant it, but even Brody asked if it was for real.

Dana and Finn blurted out what had happened to both their mothers at the same time. Jessica was not convinced that leaving it to Finn’s mother Cynthia  to sort out was the best way to go about things. It was interesting that Dana said “We killed someone.” when in fact her crime had been to cover up for Finn who had actually been doing the driving. Perhaps the law is different in America.

Brody went into the pool in the dark while Walden and his wife discussed what would need to be done to get Finn off. Finn claimed he was not a coward and said he liked Dana because she didn’t know yet how it all worked in politics. Rex spoke in glowing terms about the Walden/Brody ticket. Brody was horrified that running for the highest office in the land would not allow an accident by two teenagers get in the way. Brody took Dana away to talk to Metro police while Estes watched from afar. He called Carrie to sort it. Carrie made it clear that the whole deal would be off if he took her inside as he needed the ticket to stay out of jail. None of this was okay.