Dana visited the hospital, but got a shock. Faber asked one too many questions about his old friend Tom Walker. Brody agreed to work with Carrie and Quinn to stop an attack on America, but his loyalty came into doubt.

The episode opened – after the usual interminable preamble – with another surveillance operation with banks of screens and Max and Virgil (Blue 1 and 2) on the ground. The meet couldn’t be heard because Roya Hammad and an unknown man were talking in front of a waterfall. The man then went underground on the Metro and lost his tail only to re-emerge at another station without his sunglasses.

Dana was woken up by her mother but was reluctant to get out of bed, obviously worried about the previous night’s events. When Brody drove her to school it was obvious that both were too troubled by events in their own lives to talk the usual chit chat. Brody had lied to his wife that Carrie was no longer with the CIA to reassure her that she had nothing to fear by his new involvement with the security operation. Dana went to the hospital on her own to see what had happened to the woman who had been run over. She met the daughter waiting at the bedside and gave her a cock and bull story about her father being a surgeon – it will be too bad when her face is plastered all over the papers as the daughter of the running mate of the VEEP. Finn was really angry when Dana told him what she had done. “What the fork is wrong?” – “Fork”? (Doesn’t this channel allow a more adult version of that phrase?)

Brody admitted that he had previously been involved in the death of the bomb vest maker to gain the trust of Carrie and Quinn. The tailor’s premises were searched, with no detail being considered too small.  Meanwhile Mike and Lauder continued to be suspicious of Brody and Mike was persuaded to investigate further. Mike reached out to a contact he had within the CIA. When he went to Langley to meet up with his contact, he was instead greeted by Saul who took him to meet Estes. “Sit.” – swiftly followed by a short conversation which basically meant “butt out.”

Roya Hammad implied that there was something important at the tailor’s shop and so reinforcements were sent in. This was juxtaposed with Mike searching Brody’s garage and finding a case of bullets. The scene returned to the tailor’s shop being stormed by a group of terrorists led by the mystery man who proceeded to gun down all the CIA men including Quinn who somehow survived by feigning death while blood poured from abdominal wounds. The terrorists broke down the fake wall and took away a large metal container. Dana wouldn’t listen to Mike’s warnings about the missing bullet and what that implied.  Carrie was so enraged about her 7 casualties that she went to Brody’s office and pounded on his chest and then sobbed onto his shoulder.