Homeland Season 2 Episode 4 New Car Smell (5)

Drama series about a former CIA operations officer trying to uncover the truth about a Marine released after eight years as a hostage in Iraq. Following a secret debrief from Saul, David authorises a covert operation to pursue intelligence recovered in Beirut, but puts his own trusted operative in charge. Brody, reeling from his misadventures, bumps into Carrie at Langley. Dana finds that she has something in common with the vice president’s son, Finn. With Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, David Harewood, Morena Baccarin, and Diego Klattenhoff.
What follows is a spoiler. Do not read unless you have already watched the episode.
David Estes finally had to admit that Carrie had called it when her instincts had told her that Brody was a terrorist, but only when confronted by Brody’s taped confession. He and Saul agreed to work outside the agency with a team to include Carrie but to be headed by someone of Estes’ choosing.
Brody instead of pacifying his wife Jess with more than an espresso packed his bags to give her some space, which did not sit well with his daughter Dana. The son – who has been missing for several episodes – was suddenly and briefly on screen but only to tell Dana that it was time to leave. Dana was wearing the ugliest boots I’ve ever seen but on the plus side stated that there must be more to do than get stoned.
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Peter Quinn claimed to be an analyst with a background at Langley and Venezuela and outlined his plan to Carrie and the team. It was exactly what Carrie wanted to do so she went along with it – be seen by Brody at the CIA headquarters so that he became unstable enough to go back to his handlers. A meeting was engineered outside a government building at Langley and they had a friendly chat -but she refused to tell him why she was there, walking away after they had shaken hands. Peter goaded Carrie that if he had been treated the way she had by a former lover he would want to rip their skin off – she was inclined to agree.
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Brody’s drunken veteran buddy Lauder forced his way into Jess and Brody’s house refusing to leave until Brody got there but she phoned her former lover Mike rather than Brody to sort it out. Lauder although a drunkard had worked out  a nice little conspiracy theory that Walker and Brody had been a team in the past and that Brody knew more about Walker’s death than he was letting on, which made him part of the cover up. Mike looked intrigued.
Dana and the VP’s son buddied up to study the Declaration of Independence, talking about the dichotomy of Jefferson stating that all men are created free while keeping slaves. The VP proved that no-one ever remembered who the VP was by asking who Jefferson’s VP had been and only Dana remembered, once he left the room. Dana and the VP’s son went out on a pseudo date to the Washington Monument with his Secret Service detail. They kissed against the backdrop of Washington by night with their images reflected on the glass windows and she reminded him she already had a boyfriend – the stoner drop out she had left behind that morning. She looked rather pleased to be receiving a text from him when she was lying in her bed later – ah young love! What is a “rube” by the way? A hick? Has she seen her own boots?
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Brody’s handler said that Carrie’s visit to Langley could be over Nazir rather than Brody and that he shouldn’t be so worried, that they would use it to their advantage. He checked into a hotel but spotted the potential tail. After a stiff drink Brody called Carrie and offered to “bury the hatchet for real.” Carrie agreed to meet him at the bar in 20 minutes. Brody reassured her it wasn’t a booty call – while she continued to reel him in pretending to be after the “head of the snake guy” rather than Brody. He asked her about her ECT and the extent of her betrayal by David Estes became clear but she covered it well – saying she barely felt a thing.  She was convinced that Brody would go to ground so could not be convinced to return to base. She went to Brody’s room and told him everything that she knew, just prior to his room being stormed by Carrie’s team. Brody was taken away with a hood over his head…
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