Carrie, feeling wired, was typing up her report back at home when her dad reminded her how important sleep was to her well-being. She promised that she would only work for another hour into the night. She returned to her mundane job teaching EFL but met with Estes to see if she could be given information. Estes confirmed that her papers had been valuable but he couldn’t tell her any more than that – so the audience were unsure about whether he even knew about the film clip which ended last week’s episode – clever!  Carrie left her father’s house saying she needed to plan her next move and that what she really needed was a night’s sleep in her own bed. At home of course Carrie glammed up with the intention of having something other than an early night – cue rather a lot of wine and pills! She took to her bed obviously expecting an eternal rest but seemed to wake up in time to force her fingers down her throat and expel the worst of it. Saul came by a few hours later, just back from Beirut, and said he was going to show her something. Carrie was finally vindicated.

Jess and Brody were about to get down and dirty in the kitchen when their daughter and her boyfriend returned home early from school and put paid to that little plan although we were left in no doubt how excited he was by the prospect! (Props!) Just as well the plan changed really as Brody then received a call from his attractive Palestinian contact telling him he was the only one who could get a message to their Gettysburg contact. An email referencing Gettysburg had been among the documents Carrie snatched during her suicidal dash into that Hezbollah commander’s apartment in Beirut, and Nazir was taking no chances that the CIA could find the tailor and, presumably, get him to talk.He asked what every viewer wanted to know – why him – but was assured that he was the only one the contact knew and therefore the only one who could get him to move. Of course the fact that this contact was the one who had given him his bomb vest and knew what Brody was was used as leverage. The plan to take him to a safe house went awry when it because obvious that they were being  followed. Although he managed to give the van the slip, he later got a flat tyre and as there was no jack they were likely at least to be late for Brody’s speech to veterans which he had agreed to for the sake of  Jess’s social mobility. The journey had several moments where it was obvious that each of the men were calculating the danger that the other posed to them and whether they should use the available weapons to hand to end it now.  Brody stopped for gas, papers and tobacco but his tailor left the vehicle and made a getaway into the woods. He chased him and caught up with him pushing him to the ground – unfortunate for him that he landed on a metal trap which Brody had to extricate him from. He did try to help him by stemming the flow of blood but then he got a call from Jackie O lookielikie Jess and had to talk his way out of why he was late, while murdering the tailor by breaking his neck because he  would not keep quiet. Just as well she didn’t expect face time! Later a mud drenched Brody was really down and dirty after having covered over the body. Honestly, men will do anything to get out of doing something their wives want.

The speech however still had to be given – just as well Jess was able to ad-lib about flat tyres, wounded warriors, violent nightmares and eight years of loneliness. She ended with “We’re all fighting this war together” and received rapturous applause. And all that success can quite go to a girl’s head, can’t it? Cue handsome former lover who might want a “nightcap”. Mike told her how amazing she had been tonight but declined the offer until Jess told him about the weekend of “fucking the CIA agent” Brody had had.  Brody did not look best pleased to find Mike in his house again. Brody and Jess bickered after Mike left about Brody’s lies and she suggested he go to a hotel room and give his marriage some serious thought.

Best bit? Saul doing the right thing and showing Carrie first and her face showing every emotion within 30 seconds. Emmy award winning I should think.