Siobhan stood framed in the cafe doorway looking for all the world like  an autumnal sprite. Her tawny hair with cinnamon highlights tumbled in loose curls over her shoulders instead of being scraped back like it normally was at work. Her plum coloured jacket was unbuttoned revealing a saffron and jade checked blouse tucked into her russet fine cord jeans. Siobhan was greater than the sum of her parts and although on most women these colours would have been too much, she carried it off with panache. She wasn’t wearing any make up at all apart from the gash of scarlet across her mouth but her porcelain skin basked in the candle glow of the room.  Suddenly she spotted him in the corner, smiled widely and walked towards him with the sashay of a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Dermot felt as if his collar was getting too tight and he instantly regretted that earlier drink at the bar while he was waiting for her shift to end.