Dear Me,

You know that long haired rebel from the year above, he’s not “the one!” Your shared enjoyment of Pink Floyd and Deep Purple isn’t going to be enough to sustain a life long relationship. Dump him now before it gets messy. However, that guy in your English class, you know the one who has read everything and talks all the time, he’s still going to be around decades later. You have more in common than you think. Take another look.

See those girls, they’re going to be there all your life. That worrying doctor’s appointment, that moment of great joy – they’re going to be there for it all so relax, kick back and enjoy it. You’ve got that bit right.

Don’t sit out in the sun quite so much. You’re never going to tan – you’ll be the red one in all the photographs. Cover up and look for something called sun screen instead of olive oil. Accept that you’re going to be pale but interesting.