Spoiler alert

Carrie was back in Beirut and after being followed by a man while she tried to make contact with Saul in last week’s episode decided to change the plan and meet with a former contact at the Mosque. Unusually it was an entirely female gathering so she could talk to the second wife of the local Hezbollah leader who had information she wanted to trade. Her price was $7 million and a new life in America right away in exchange for the time and place of a meeting between Abu Nazir and the woman’s husband. She wanted both her husband and Abu Nazir killed – the suggestion later from Carrie that the husband’s abuse had become too much for her to bear.

Carrie no longer trusted her judgement entirely as she had been “so wrong” about Brody but she somehow managed to persuade Saul on the ground and Estes watching back home that this woman was to be believed and that they should take their chances to kill Abu Nazir.

Conveniently for Abu Nazir, Brody not only stumbled on the TV pictures about what was happening but had also been allowed to keep his mobile phone with him this time and he used this to text “May 1” to Abu Nazir which alerted him to get away  just in time.

There then followed a frantic attempt for the wife, Carrie and Saul to get out of Beirut. Carrie had a Sarah Lund moment and went back into the flat to pick up whatever she could that might provide intelligence later. The bag and papers didn’t seem worth getting killed over as the gun-totting men chasing her got closer and closer but afterwards when she was free and clear Saul found a secreted memory chip – the one which had Brody giving at least the start of his intended suicide bomber final words. Only Saul has seen this and this will clarify whether Saul has been turned.

Unanswered questions – why was Carrie’s hair a wig, I thought initially that it was dyed brown? Why did Carrie talk to the woman in English when she  had previously used Arabic because she  had been an operative there in the past? Would that not just make them more suspicious if others overheard them? Was Carrie supposed to serve her purpose and then be disposed of? Has she become so much of an embarrassment that they want her killed on foreign soil?

Why has Jess changed from the “perfect” military wife to the ambitious political one with such ease? Would a loving wife really put their husband’s choice of religion below political advancement? Why was Brody allowed in to watch the killing of Abu Nazir, even if he  had been held prisoner by him, without being required to give up his phone? Has Brody been helping the Palestinian woman because he remembers that Abu Nazir has that suicide tape to be used to blackmail him, and if so why has she never mentioned it as leverage?