A few weeks ago a teenager tried to tell her story of internet bullying on Youtube. Sadly three weeks later the girl died, presumably by a “successful” suicide attempt.

This cyber bullying isn’t just confined to Canada however.

There are lots of young people who are isolated in their communities for a variety of reasons. They might be just a little bit different, they might be depressed and involved in cutting, drug taking, alcohol abuse or acting promiscuously. If we isolate these young people and don’t give them acceptance we are setting up a lifetime of anxiety, which for some is intolerable.

Adults know this, adults befriend these young people if they are part of their remit at work or are members of their family but what these young people really need is at least one other friend in their local area. Resilience is difficult to manage in isolation. Advice to stay away from internet sites where bullying can be seen is unlikely to be listened to.


There are some helpful websites below:







Please don’t leave it up to someone else. Please befriend that loner, or live with the consequences.