The show began with a helpful  5 minute recap for those of us who do not write blogs to aid our memories.

Carrie on high lithium levels pottered in the garden while her family switched off TV news which might set off another episode for her. She was back to using coloured pens to highlight notes which had been an indication of her problems getting out of control in the past. Saul was in the Middle East trying to work out if a woman with information about an attack was significant or not. He left the safety of the Embassy compound with a car full of security and was immediately followed but managed to lose the tail in the crowded streets around the souks.

Brody appeared in his office, already a Congressman, was approached by the VP to see if he was interested in running as a future VP on the ticket. The VP wanted to make sure that Brody wasn’t “damaged goods” and that nothing was going to come up which would embarrass the campaign. The scene cut to Carrie teaching English as a foreign language returning marking to her students. She refused an offer to come in to talk to the CIA and said she had never belonged there in the first place. Brody’s wife was delighted at his chance for advancement but his daughter was as mouthy as ever, saying she had no friends at her new school. Carrie was followed home and her sister asked her to phone Saul who needed her help. She tried to point out that making vegetable lasagne for the family with vegetables from her own garden was more important than returning to David Estes and the fold but eventually agreed to look at the assignment. Fatimah Ali was originally recruited by Carrie so she had the background information that might be genuine but would only speak to Carrie about what she knew. She was a dead asset who hadn’t helped since Carrie left the region but they had shared a love of American films with Julia Roberts and, apparently, that was enough to forge a bond. She met the woman assigned to help her – “Call me Joy.” / “Call me ma’am.” a nice little bit of power-play.

A Palestinian woman with a British accent came to Brody’s office and reminded him about Abu Nazir’s son, giving enough information to prove her genuine link to the terrorist. She warned him he would have to choose sides and there was a veiled threat made while she talked about David Estes’ security codes and the bombing of 3000 Iranians by Israel. Nicholas Brody countered that the numbers claimed by Iran were exaggerated but as she left, it was clear that being a “friend when new laws were being made” would no longer be enough for Abu Nazir.

Brody’s daughter Dana was in school at part of school debate at the morning meeting and was wound up enough to reveal that her father was a Muslim. Another student diffused this by saying his father was a Scientologist  but the genie was out of the bottle. Jessica was incensed when the school phoned and in the ensuing family argument it came out that Dana was right and Brody had been dissembling since he came back from his captivity. Jessica immediately went into the garage and raked through to look for his religious paraphernalia and then screamed at Brody that his religion would want their daughter stoned to death for sleeping with her boyfriend and she pointed out how incompatible with American life his choice of religion was. Jess let her jealousy of Carrie show through when she asked if she had known about his religion when she hadn’t but Brody pointed out that she had been locked up in a mental institution after being fired from the CIA.

Carrie with dyed brown hair was given a new identity as a Canadian from Calgary but was finding it hard to remember the back story. She seemed far under par and not ready to perform. Carrie however was the CIA’s best chance of getting intel from the wife of a commander in Hezbollah about an upcoming attack on America.

Conveniently Brody was left alone in Estes’ office while he “sorted out a situation” which gave him the chance to search drawers and files. The situation was the same woman who had insisted that Brody choose to help Abu Nazir. Would a high ranking CIA man really leave unlocked drawers and step out for a moment?  Estes made a dinner date with the rather attractive woman for Saturday night – again, really? A stretch too far.

Sweating like a pig, Carrie arrived in her sumptuous hotel room and found the basket of fruit and a note in her room. She was immediately walking through souks losing a tail who had “made her”. She changed her headscarf and when he approached asked for help from the other woman in Arabic, while kicking him in the groin and kicking his gun away. She looked positively manic while she walked away.

The final scene of the night was Brody burying his Quoran with due deference in the garden while Dana helped.