Potential realised. Pitiless Murderball played and won. Bladerunner appeals over  “unfair advantage” and golden poster girl photo ops. Medals awarded and suddenly it was all over. Superlatives and superhumans would shortly be no longer on our screens so we needed to go out with a bang.

The final curtain was about to come down on thousands of athletes. It started with a countdown and a convoy of mechanical creatures, wind gremlins representing our inner demons,  invading London like the legendary horse of Troy. A wind storm ensued and this was replaced by fire and smoke coming from batons, a burning metal cyclist, drummers and an ex soldier with one remaining limb climbing up a flagpole to unfurl the Union Jack.

Flaming cyclist enters closing ceremony

Channel 4 continued with their admittedly short, ad breaks which were the only thing which marred the coverage of the Paralympics which have been inspiring for their tales of triumph over adversity.

The paralympians and their flags entered the stadium and formed a flaming heart. Poetry called upon various spirits and for the festival to commence. Flame throwers burned the grass of the stadium and the steam punk metal crunching dinosaurs entered the arena. Crows on stilts, menacing dancers and fire eaters on ghostly galleons representing Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer circled the performance area. What a bizarre nation we are.

Volunteers were thanked  and signers signedalonga Coldplay which segued into yellow wheelchair dancing to Yellow. Never overlook the obvious. There were lots of high wire stunts by motorcycle aerialists Laszlo Simet and Lyndsay Adams and blue wearing Icini tribe representations danced on the ground. Flutterfetti, as it’s known in the trade, a special snow confetti descended from the stadium roof and Mat Fraser, who was born with phocomelia drummed for all he was worth.