This show has been one of our “must sees” for the past few years as it is fast paced wit set to music. However, this year was something of a disappointment for several reasons.

One of the new singers was really off key in several numbers which has never happened before. The running gag of Nick Clegg being David Cameron’s petulant child was very similar to last year’s running gag where he was, I think, a dog. There were two moments that were so cruel that I actually felt sorry for the butts of the jokes, one was when we were being encouraged to laugh at Ed Milliband being left alone at his party because he had betrayed his brother and the other when Margaret Thatcher is ridiculed because she has become senile. Although not a Thatcher fan I thought that too thoughtless and can only presume that the writer and performers have never had to face a relative going into rapid decline. I also think they also misjudged the mood of the nation by being against the Olympics, especially as we saw the show on the night of the closing ceremony.

On the plus side the pianist is as good as he was last year and one of the chaps is a star in the making. If you fancy laughing at mammaries and breast implants being mourned set to Memories from Cats then this is the show for you. The Rebecca Brooks bits are good as well. If you’ve not seen it before the Clegg/Cameron running gag will still work for you.–3