The Hunger Games   –   Film                                                        Introduction sequence

Watch the first 60 seconds of Hunger Games.

The audience sees some institutional information right at the start. They see which companies have worked together to make the movie.

1  Which company logos do we see at the beginning?

2  Why is it important that we see which companies were involved in any movie?

Before the film begins, we see white text on the black screen which reads:

From the Treaty of the Treason:

In penance for their uprising,

each district shall offer up

a male and female between the ages of

12 and 18 at a public “Reaping.”

These Tributes shall be delivered

to the custody of The Capitol.

And then transferred to a public arena

where they will Fight to the Death,

until a lone victor remains.

Henceforth and forevermore

this pageant shall be known as

The Hunger Games.

3  It is very unusual to see this much text at the start of a movie. Why do you think the film producer thought this was important at the beginning?

The black and white screen then changes to a brightly lit television programme interview with two characters who are going to be in the film.

4  What effect does the change from text to TV style format have on the audience?

5  Why do you think this interview sequence is so short?

6  After watching this brief sequence, who do you think the target audience is for this film?

7   The non-diegetic sound has some very sombre music.

8  Why would the music be sombre at this point?

9  Does this match the monochrome text sequence in some way?