Jason Segel as Tom Solomon and Emily Blunt as Violet Barnes have a believable onscreen relationship. The whole plot centres on the experiment you’ll have seen done with children where you set them up with a sweet on a plate and tell them that if they wait 20 minutes they will get two sweets or they can have one now. Violet is a post-doc psychology student who, while her life is on the up and up, is engaged to a brilliant chef who gives up on his plans so he can follow her to Michigan.

The script is witty and quite deep in places. The on screen chemistry between Emily Blunt and Jason Segel is easy on the eye. Quite why someone in a bunny costume would be attractive to someone dressed up as Princess Diana is never fully explained but we keep seeing that scene of the moment they met as they tell and retell the story about why they are together.

The film explores how difficult it is to be in any relationship and how sometimes making a sacrifice can be the right thing to do and sometimes it leads to resentment and unhappiness. There are lots of subplots and minor characters who add interest and help to show that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

So, do you defer gratification and are you dysfunctional if you just throw caution to the wind? The perfect relationship doesn’t exist so it might be better to work on the one you have rather than wait for promised rewards.