So, to wrap up…

The Truth Teller appeared to be Jens who had faked his suicide after the death of his wife and son on the bridge years before. His wife had told him she wanted a divorce and he had been so angry he had plotted his revenge ever since.

Saga continued to learn from Martin about social conventions like giving colleagues praise because they were doing their job well. She just thought they should do what was expected of them. She fretted about lying to cover for Martin. She later cried when given bad news by her boss. Martin later needed her to tell a series of lies towards the end of the final episode to give him the best chance of avoiding police interference. She cannot, however bring herself to lie to Martin when it matters most even although her face is tortured.

Martin assumed that TT hadn’t killed him when he had the chance because of  his earlier friendship with Jens. Martin revealed that he was the man Jen’s wife had been having an affair with but initially Jens hadn’t known about the affair. Meanwhile the handsome man who had been doing business with Martin’s wife Mette was Jens after his plastic surgery. Unfortunately no-one realised that this was who he was. When he turned up at the house to do business, he inveigled her in to letting him go to the zoo with her and the children.

August had a job interview so got out of babysitting his half siblings. He bumped into the girl he thought he was having internet chats with and found out that she hadn’t been talking to him at all. It meant he realised he’s been giving information to someone who might be dangerous. August was the real target of Jen’s campaign as he wanted Martin to feel the same loss of a son that he had felt years earlier. Jens had felt let down by his friend, deceived, and everything had been meticulously planned to ruin Martin’s life in  a similar way to the way Jens felt his life had been destroyed.

The star of the show for me however was the Scandinavian interiors. There hasn’t been an episode where I haven’t lusted after some object or another.

Some basic vocabulary to help you with future shows:

Yes  –  ja

No   –  nej

Thanks – tack

Stop   – stoppa

Police   –   polis

Car   –   bil

Gun   –   kanon, pistol