Nicholas Brody  The episode opened with Brody talking to camera in full uniform. He explained his actions were caused by his love of country and his oath to defend America from enemies both outwith and within the United States. He made it clear that he held Walden responsible for the unacknowledged deaths of 83 children on foreign soil. He left the SD card with the confession hidden in between two rocks in a park near his secret lock up. Abu Nazir  in flashback told Brody to purify his soul and to look forward to the battle before he engaged in it. Brody went into the family garage to pray but was followed by Dana and so he had to confess he had converted to Islam. A Muslim could never deny Allah even if it meant that their deeds were about to be discovered. Dana agreed to keep it “their little secret”. She was very suspicious though and later wondered why her father had locked himself in the bedroom. He had to take off the bomb vest to go and reassure her but he put it on again before going with his secret service detail to D.C. He couldn’t let Dana hug him in case she felt the vest but she knew something was wrong and begged him not to go. Later the vest failed to detonate when he had all the VIPS with him in the bunker. He must have connected it wrongly when he was interrupted earlier.

Saul told Carrie’s sister that Carrie would not be charged but would never work in Langley again. Carrie, still looking awful after the bombing, was very upset that Brody had sold her out, making her lose everything. Saul worked out that Carrie was actually in love with Brody. Carrie still realised that the key to what was going on was to work out what had happened to put Abu Nazir off the radar for months. Looking every inch the mad bint, Carrie went to speak to Dana telling her he was part of a terrorist plot to kill the VP. She gave her a phone and told her to call her father but Dana, and subsequently her mother and the police, all thought she was insane. Once Carrie had been taken away Dana used the phone to call her father just at the moment that he was about to try detonation for a second time. She made him promise to come  home and that was a very powerful scene, well acted. The facial expressions of Damian Lewis gave us every thought of what that promise would mean to his plans.

Tom Walker  hid in the back seat of an older woman’s car after having hours of practice with his weapon. She had been chosen because she lived two blocks from the State Department and her access to Walden’s chosen location for his announcement was perfect for his purposes. He rearranged her perfect furniture in her perfect flat to rest his gun. Walker got several people in his sites making it difficult for the audience to work out who he was there to actually kill. He fired at Gaines and the VP, killing her and missing, deliberately, him. Brody and all the VIPs were sequestered in a secret bunker to keep them safe. He left the woman’s apartment ruffling her hair affectionately. A moment of humanity amidst terror. Carrie worked out that Brody was going to take them all out.

Virgil  was really scared for Carrie when all she wanted to do was sleep and she refused to eat the soup he had made. Next morning he gave her her pills and agreed to take her outside for a drive. He was less than pleased when her directions took them to the scene of the announcement, pointing out that the equipment he had in the surveillance van wasn’t exactly legal and that it was no longer her responsibility to keep people like the VP safe. Carrie said he had missed the point, that it would always be her job. Despite the high level of security and the barriers, Carrie and Virgil made their way on foot to the location of the announcement. She spoke loudly about “terrorists” in front of a police officer who looked suspicious but didn’t do anything – didn’t quite fit in with the security at airports that we’ve all experienced just as tourists.

Saul found the evidence that proved that Estes and Walden had deliberately chosen to launch a drone attack on the school near where Abu Nazir was living. Estes pointed out that if he went to the New York Times he would be sentencing all American operatives on foreign soil to death as the tapes would be used as the most powerful recruitment tool since Abu Graib.

Carrie promised Brody that she would stay away from him and she looked broken by his speech about all the things she had done to him while being so sure he was guilty. He claimed he was not what she thought he was. Carrie signed herself into hospital for ECT but Saul arrived just before she received it. He told her there were other ways of fighting what was happening in her brain. he also told her she had been wrong about Brody but right about Abu Nazir being in mourning and the records of the VPs orders having been wiped. She still went through with the ECT but the anaesthetic brought back a memory of Brody shouting out Isa in his sleep which was proof he had known Isa, Nazir’s son so was connected to Abu Nazir. The question was, would she remember it when she woke up?

Brody’s SD card was missing and he went to meet Walker and talk to Abu Nazir on the phone. He argued that it would be more valuable to Abu Nazir to have someone influencing policy than to kill the VP – to kill an idea rather than to kill a man. He had to prove his loyalty by killing Walker.