The episode opened with bomb vest making 101. Saul said that 16 agencies had information about the operation that had gone so badly wrong last week. He told Estes to look around the operation room for suspects. Estes tried to persuade the VP to knock his candidacy announcement back until Walker had been caught but he wasn’t successful. He was told to “Fire someone!” and the VP wasn’t that fussy about who that should be.

Carrie had spiraled out of control because she wasn’t getting her anti-psychotic meds, screaming about the need for a green pen. Even Saul looked shocked about how her need for green ink outweighed all other considerations. Carrie was eventually persuaded to let the doctor call her sister who thought she must be manic. She told Saul that Carrie was bi-polar but no one at work was to know. Saul needed her well sooner rather than later and somehow got persuaded to take the night shift watching Carrie didn’t get in to any trouble. Carrie ran out of her sister’s car because she had seen a sliver of green, a promise of growth in a dirt patch. Although it made no apparent sense, to her it was symbolic of the lying in wait that a sleeper agent would have, waiting for their plans to come to fruition when least expected.  Saul apologised to Carrie for not asking  how she really was when she came back from Iraq and she went back to sleep leaving him to look at the “work” she had been doing all day. As anyone who has ever had any dealings with someone who is bi-polar, the manic phases can often lead to an increase in making brilliant deductions before the crash part of the cycle and Carrie’s work made sense to Saul who pinned the sheets into a sensible order. The colours Carrie was screaming about symbolised the timeline of Abu Nazir’s activity, loss and regrouping.

Brody was getting closer and closer to end-game in this episode. Tina was not delighted at the prospect of spending the weekend at Gettysburg with the family and tried to wriggle out of it. The Gettysburg address bit about “All men are created equal” is of course significant as the child that Brody cared for was not equal to his children. Tina filmed her father giving an impromptu history lesson to Chris who, for an American child, seemed remarkably ignorant of the war between North and South. Chamberlain, the school teacher from Maine’s efforts to “hold the line” was obviously important to an American audience, but somewhat lost on me. Tina was impressed that her father knew so much about anything. He made her promise to watch out for her mother when he wasn’t around. It was as close to a  confession as we’re likely to get. Brody stopped off at the bomb vest maker’s tailor’s shop and picked up the vest which he immediately put on. The smoking next to the vest while reciting from the Quoran seemed ludicrous. Surely one would take care that the vest would be put to use for the purpose it had been designed. It took the “God’s Will” argument a step too far.

Tina was suspicious of the “package” she saw her father putting in the car and wasn’t quite convinced that it was a gift for her mother. Luckily for Brody the distraction of an impressed American potential voter put a smile back on her face. Chris didn’t want to talk to his father about important things as his ice cream was melting. A metaphor for the difficulty parents have communicating with their children when their actions are about to impact on their future happiness. His wife reminded him that he was the hope for the future and told him that she was happy that he was finally home. Next morning Brody smacked Tina’s hand as she tried to unwrap the package in the car.

Carrie made the error of calling Brody and asking what the tragedy was that Abu Nazir had had. He offered to meet with her at her house but instead called Estes who cleared  her desk and her  home of all evidence using the fling as an excuse. Estes, presumably, is the mole.