Carrie and Saul encounter a Saudi diplomat that appears to be a Abu Nazir agent while the vice president offers Brody a congressman’s seat.

Carrie drove through Georgetown – how I missed it – en route to a bank while Saul gave us details about the money trail and the sexual tastes of the Saudi diplomat to be used as leverage to find out where Tom Walker was. She wanted to “entice” the diplomat into the bank and question him for a couple of hours there before he would be missed by his embassy. Of course any such activities would be illegal and Saul would leave Carrie to carry the can. Perhaps that is why he keeps her in the team – a useful scapegoat when it all hits the fan. She was told to “eviscerate the motherfucker.”  Very diplomatic.

Brody clutched breakfast cereal, looking terrified, while looking out his window at the black cars which were arriving in his driveway. The secret service foreshadowed the VPs visit to offer Brody a vacant House of Representative’s seat. Brody was “interested” but said he needed to tell his wife first. Hmmm. I still haven’t forgotten his coldness when masturbating in front of Jess. His wife’s first worry was that her house  had been a mess when the VP visited. Jess was less than enamoured that their lives would be examined by the media – her affair with Mike and his “fucking the CIA lady”.  Brody called Carrie afterwards and they pussyfooted around where and when they should meet. She said she would text him her address – say what? First her family cabin and now her own house, is she crazy? Oh that’s right, she is… Brody also met with Mike and cleared the air, spoke about how nothing wrong had happened as they had both thought he had been dead when they had their affair and he appealed to Mike to talk to Jessica and save his family. This went down like a lead balloon for Mike and Jess sarcastically suggested that they all go to bed together. However she discussed it with the children, surprisingly absent from the episode, and they all agreed they would support his desire for public office.

Saul and Carrie began their questioning of the diplomat who looked crestfallen. His meeting with Sabac in Geneva had been observed and his loyalty to the West was discussed. He apparently didn’t care that she held evidence about his homosexuality as his wives already knew. She then played the card that his daughter would not be welcome to continue studying in the West – she would be forced to go back to Saudi, get fat and wear a burkah for the rest of her miserable life. Surprisingly he sat back down. He gave the details of the signal – a child’s drawing of a heart into his living room window. The diplomat would be bait, and now working for the CIA.

Brody turned up at Carrie’s apartment while Miles Davis’s My funny Valentine  played in the background. She poured wine which he refused and then went on to ask her if she had told anyone about their time in the cabin. She promised that Jessica would never know and Brody left. His “Goodbye” instead of “Goodnight” was significant. Carrie was more upset that expected once he left. The scene cut to Saul taking a lonely bottle of water out of the fridge at work and returning to his peanut butter and cracker meal which had to be scooped out and spread with a ruler from his desk.

Walker, far from falling into the trap set for him in the square, sent in a physically similar man with a briefcase. Once he reached the diplomat Walker used a mobile phone to explode the bomb inside. Carrie had realised late on and was shouting to everyone to get out and stay back but she was caught in the explosion. Not killed, but wounded – a really bad concussion. She was being ordered to take a weeks’ rest and drugs. It became clear that there was an insider in government who had warned Walker. Carrie watched Brody from her hospital bed declaring his candidacy in a full media glare.