The premise of The Voice is that “real” music talent is heard, not seen. The four judges go through a blind audition process,  sitting in oppressive, red rotating chairs with their backs faced to the contestants until they hit the big red buzzer indicating they like the contestant’s voice enough to turn around and offer them a slot on their team. The Voice judges /coaches are Jessie J, Danny O’Donoghue, and Tom Jones three of whom I’ve heard of before.

To work, the verbal rejections on The Voice will need to be crushing and this combined with the literal and metaphorical cold shoulder might make for compulsive viewing, given that the watcher at home knows what image is being rejected.

The first contestant sang a Jesse J song, was wanted by all 4 coaches who were sycophantic in their attempts at persuasion for her to join their teams. Not surprisingly she chose to join Jesse J.

The next act was a former member of 5 for whom no-one turned – awkward! The third contestant was named “Buttery” – cue the fat jokes.  He sang an Adele song – well he would – and was lucky that Tom Jones turned.

The fourth singer was an alopecia sufferer who sang well and three judges turned at the last moment. Tears all round. Next came the obligatory “big” girl who was passionate but hit a few bum notes.  Tom turned and she received good advice about her vibrato from JJ and “splintering” from Will.I.Am.

Finally a good looking lad sang about “finding his way home” and both Will.I.Am and Tom offered mentor ship. The name dropping of the judges who want to be picked is a tad annoying.

A couple auditioned separately and the set up was obviously which of them would get through – he did and chose Danny who seemed v. excited at the prospect but that might just have been the camera angle. The girlfriend sang later “The Climb” but her uphill struggle ended in no judges choosing  her. She was pitchy and just “nice”.

The Youtube sensation got all four judges to turn and some of them thought he was already the finished article. He chose JJ, but why is no-one choosing Will.I.Am? He really could help with an international career. That meant that after one show JJ had already picked 3 out of her possible 10 acts.

The delivery van driver didn’t get the passion going as he didn’t take it to another place according to Tom. One more for the road then.

The final act managed the quadruple turn by rocking a JJ song.  Her back story was that it was for her “dead mum”.  Will.I.Am spotted her pain so she chose him. Finally!