Blind Spot

Islamabad – a CIA op resulted in the capture of the only surviving terrorist, Afzal Hamid, from the camp in Afghanistan where Brody had been held hostage. There was a fast cut to Brody doing the obligatory prayer out in his garage – the blind spot of the surveillance which had been going on in the Brody household. Was this the titular blind spot?
Carrie watched her father struggling to hold it together and reminded him about taking his medication which he threw right back at her. Was her reliance on anti-psychotic drugs the blind spot?
Brody was named as the person who would help to interrogate Afzal Hamid. That beggared belief didn’t it, that a recently returned captive would be used in this way, especially as so many had seen his meltdown at the family BBQ? He hardly seemed stable enough, even if they didn’t know he had changed his religion and was going to  counselling.
Brody, drinking out of a gigantic bottle of juice from the fridge door, managed to sweet talk his son while simultaneously finding things to argue with his wife about. Like the Stepford wife she appeared to have become, she smiled serenely as if her life was perfect.
Carrie and Brody had an “awkward moment” of reintroducing themselves to one another as if she didn’t already know everything there was to know about him and he hadn’t met her at the meeting the week before.  Brody was shown the captive on TV and had an immediate flashback to “Affy” urinating on his wounds following a beating. Brody swore profusely. Carrie also explained that Afzal was there to prove he was who they thought he was and also to give as much background information to unsettle him during his interrogation. Afzal was given a purple crayon and paper to write down any information he had in order to save his own family.
This series was written without any advert breaks so those that we are seeing are artificial. They seemed better placed in this week’s episode than they had in the previous weeks. Longer but less frequent works for me – in so many cases.
Brody noticed his perfect tea – Yorkshire Gold – but didn’t notice his wife’s new pixie style elfin haircut despite her making it as obvious as she could without actually saying “I’ve cut my hair unresponsive husband.” Noisy music in short blasts was used to torture Afzal until he wrote down the names he said he knew. He did give an e-mail address which was his method of  communication with the next in line in his chain of command. A false e-mail from the CIA bounced through encryption and ended up in Faisal, the college professor’s e-mail account – the professor who had paid cash for the house next to the airport.
Brody returned to David’s office and argued the case for why he should be allowed to look Afzal in the eye, now that he was ready to talk.  Brody provoked Afzal until he spat on his face, giving Brody the opportunity to leap across the table at him. An effective way of shutting him up perhaps, permanently?
Brody forgot to turn up at his son’s competition. Mike of course was there and had prepared the celebratory ice cream for Brody’s return. Why wasn’t the mother there however if it was so important?
Afzal committed suicide with a razor blade that no-one knew he had. This was enough for Saul to authorise the search of Faisal’s house. Faisal had of course left the building.
Saul’s paramour, Mira, returned from India and – quelle surprise – he had little time for her due to work. Mira wanted a life that wasn’t dictated by Saul’s work. And Saul, is he really so calm? Why kiss someone he was about to interrogate? Why say prayers for him after he committed suicide with the razor blade? Could Saul be our blind spot?
Carrie had an explosive argument with Saul about his lack of action over Brody and she ended up clearing out her desk and going to her sister’s who was angelic in her response. It turned into a giant girly sleepover with nieces and sisters together. Meanwhile Brody and son were also in a bedroom having “family time”.
God Bless America!