After the usual overly long explanation of what had happened only seven days ago, this episode began with a couple of dodgy moments for Homeland security. After the half frontal sex scene between Amir and Lynn she tried to copy the latest data from his mobile phone onto a chip  only for Amir to arrive back sooner than she expected. He looked as furtive as she did but apparently it was just because he was about to present her with a beautifully expensive necklace as a token of his appreciation of her beauty. Tense moment 2 was when Brody was setting up a home interview and prevented the film crew from moving the furniture about which was just as well as the secret camera secreted behind the settee would have been discovered. And then after only 8 minutes we were straight into an ad break. Not good Channel 4!

Brody  bonded with his daughter Dana in a way that clearly ticked off his wife who appeared miffed that the non breakfast eating daughter was actually saying she would take that scrambled egg and bacon he had prepared for her. He walked and talked with the film crew discussing how the terrorists had tried to break him by telling him he had been betrayed by his country and wife but he kept his faith in them knowing they had kept their faith in him – semper fidelis, the motto of the US Marine Corps. And, amazingly we were into another ad break after another 8 minutes.

The mother/daughter chat in the fast food drive through made it obvious that Dana has known all along about her mother’s affair with Mike and she is very angry about it. The mother tells her to not tell the father as it would hurt him but Dana quite rightly asked if it would hurt the mother. Brody’s flashbacks continued to a more peaceful image of his time in the Middle East making it look as if he had not always been kept captive. He chose to sleep on the floor instead of the marital bed and as his wife approached him to try sex again he told her her to take her top off while he masturbated rather than have any actual contact with her. She was totally humiliated and rejected. All the while of course they were being watched by Carrie. Carrie received a call from Lynn telling her she was being taken to meet a new associate of Amir and she was worried. She was still under the impression that she had back up protection so was willing to go to the new meeting. Carrie tried to follow the tracking device on Lynn’s mobile phone but arrived too late to prevent her from being shot. The necklace was unceremoniously taken from Lynn’s neck by her killer before he drove clean away.

Lynn’s murder was put down to a robbery by the DC police due to the removal of the necklace. Amir’s interview with the police was made available to Carrie but she wasn’t allowed to question him herself as he wasn’t worth antagonising the Saudis over. Carrie was unhappy that she wasn’t allowed to tell Lynn’s parents that she had died in the service of her country as it was all under cover. Carrie was bereft that her asset had been made and killed and slowly she came to the conclusion that the terrorist contact wasn’t Amir himself but one of his entourage and that the necklace had been the money trail they were looking for. Maybe it was just me, but it didn’t look to be worth the half million Amir’s right hand man was looking for.

The episode finished with a young couple moving into their first home together which they had paid cash for, conveniently right next to an airport.