See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Illegal monitoring of an extreme left-wing party is revealed.

When state-of-the-art surveillance equipment is found in the offices of Solidarity, initially it looks like the work of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. Birgitte’s former friend from her protest days, Anne -Sophie, makes the most of her moment in the media sun to castigate the government. Illegal monitoring of a legal political party is a serious offence, and it quickly becomes clear that Birgitte disagrees with minister of justice Hoxenhaven – I’m not a crook – who believes that no-one is bugged without due process and cause.  Hoxenhaven calls a press conference without the prior approval of Birgitte and suggests that there is an ongoing investigation but his evidence that Anne-Sophie wanted to kidnap the Prime Minister’s children  comes from a party secretly recorded over 6 years previously. Anne – Sophie has the choice of standing up for the constitutional right that has been breached or keeping Birgitte in power for the sake of their earlier friendship but once the tape is mysteriously leaked her personal position is untenable. Hoxenhaven keeps his job but it told in no uncertain terms that he is a non-person in the government as far as Birgitte is concerned.

Birgitte’s home life suffers from her absence as a 22 year old student uses the pretext of needing help with a CV to approach her husband and suggesting they get together later. He turns down that possibility but is asleep with the children by the time she gets back home leaving her the single bed with the toy dinosaur for company. Over a sunny breakfast the children let slip that the attractive student dropped by the day before and of course, the next day when she comes home the student Freja is in the house with Phillip and the children are away for the day.  Philip reassures her that he is not having an affair but points out that she is playing at being a mother, not even knowing what Laura their daughter got for her essay.

Katrine, who has otherwise been in good spirits, must make a difficult decision. Benjamin and she have a great sex life but after 2 months is it becoming harder to keep him out of her professional life after she gets an invitation to an award ceremony with a plus 1 place. Benjamin is keen to go and so their relationship moves up a notch. Kasper scathingly points out that Benjamin is not the intellectual type that she normally goes for but they eventually manage to get back onto a professional footing although it is clear that Kasper has genuine feelings for her. Benjamin on the other hand fights with Katrine when she is shocked that he doesn’t even know who Hoxenhaven is.

Birgitte Nyborg Christensen                                                         Sidse Babett Knudsen
Michael Laugesen                                                                              Peter Mygind
Bent Sejro                                                                                              Lars Knutzon
Philip Christensen                                                                             Mikael Birkkjaer
Kasper Juul                                                                                          Pilou Asbak
Katrine Fonsmark                                                                             Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
Torben Friis                                                                                         Soren Malling
Hanne Holm                                                                                        Benedikte Hansen
Producer                                                                                             Camilla Hammerich
Writer                                                                                                   Adam Price

The Silly Season

Michael Laugesen is to publish a book containing disclosures from his years in politics.

It is summer, and not much is going on in parliament. Yet when Michael Laugesen announces that he has written a book Exit with Hanne – to be released in a few days – containing disclosures of all sorts from his years in politics, the fan looks a bit dirty. Kasper is forced to deal with people and events from his past which he has fought to put behind him. His mother turns up at work to tell him that his father is dead. She calls him Kenneth and asks for his help with the funeral. He makes it clear that he left home when he was 12 and has no intention of going back. He does go back to organise the small funeral he wants with an unmarked grave and his memories come flooding back. It is obvious that Kasper has been abused by his father and that is why he wants him cremated (burned) in the pyjamas he wore at the time.

Katrine puts two and two together while she is waiting for Kasper at his office and works out that Kasper took the receipts and gave them to Laugesen after finding them in Katrine’s flat on the night Ole died. She is, however, the only one who goes with him to the funeral of his father.

After meeting with an expert to discuss her son wetting his pants, Birgitte realises she must make an effort to win back her family life and spontaneously plans a holiday for the whole family. They go to the official country retreat where dinner is pork in a creamy sauce at six on the dot whether they want it or not. Champagne and the children being looked after by the housekeeper highlights the fact that Phillip is now no longer in the mood just because there is a window of opportunity. He misses having his wife around all the time so that they can have spontaneous sex. Phillip is headhunted by a big company and he says yes, getting his mojo back in the process of telling Birgitte. Her eyes look dead however as she contemplates all the implications of his decision.