Birgitte Nyborg is the central character in this political thriller about the first would-be female Danish Prime Minister. At first it seems odd that Denmark has sunshine after watching 2 series of The Killing, but Denmark looks attractive on screen, as do the rather nifty lampshades in the interior shots.

The death of Ole in episode one gives the incumbent Prime Minster’s opponents access to documents that make it appear that he has used State funds to fund his wife’s excesses. This, and Nyborg’s decision to wear a purple satin dress on the political debate while being  honest about what her party stands for  gives Birgitte and her party a boost at the polls which puts real power in their grasp for the first time. Nyborg’s naivety means that her political opponents run rings around her with various offers of power which are of course not real power at all. Episode 2 ends with her smartening up enough to negotiate her way into being Prime Minister of a coalition government. An equally important female character is Katrine, the young ambitious blonde journalist who was with Ole when he died. She finds out at the end of the episode that she is pregnant.

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