A new kitchen

Several weeks ago I signed on the dotted line to 
get a new kitchen installed. 
As I moved into this house over 20 years ago 
it was certainly overdue. 
Cabinet shelves were dodgy to say the least 
and the constant doing of dishes 
had led the cupboard doors under the sink 
to take on a warped appearance.

What these kitchen companies do when presenting 
you with the “bargain” cost 
is they deliberately leave out the new electric 
panel you will need for the cooker 
if you haven’t rewired lately and the removal 
of your old kitchen tiles. 
In my case, I had winged so much about the 
additional cost of the electric panel 
that they didn’t charge for the additional 
piping work which would be necessary 
for moving the washing machine over to make 
the kitchen fit in a more logical way.

The pre-fit weekend was taken up by my 
daughter’s boyfriend removing my tiling 
as a favour to me. Much as I hate being 
beholden, I’d have hated to have done 
it myself even more. The plasterwork 
always comes away from the wall, no matter 
how careful you are with the removal of tiles, 
so the wall will need filled in 
various places after the kitchen is 
finished before final decoration begins.

I spent the day before things began properly, 
emptying cupboards and drawers 
of decades of detritus - bank statements, 
old passports, mismatched plates etc. 
Numerous black bin bags later the kitchen 
was clear and my legs and arms were aching.

I left the men to it on the first day. 
I knew the mess would just upset me and it 
was best to get out of their way. I 
left at 8 and came back at 4 to find the chaos 
in the living room was pretty much as I 
had left it with some of the new cabinets 
in place but still nowhere to walk between 
lounge and kitchen unless I breathed in. 
There were some new cabinets in place on 
the walls and the cold/hot water pipes had 
been put in the wrong way round which 
meant no hot water shower so it was back the 
drawing board for them.  Oddly the young 
chap is the one with all the expertise 
and the older man, his uncle, does as 
he is told.  Perhaps he is at his 
“second career” stage of life.
Day 2
The men arrived an hour after they said 
they would and again I left them to it.
I told them about the leak I'd
spotted at midnight last night.
There's more done than yesterday
certainly with various
cabinets in place but I still
don't have any running water
- at least from the tap.