Finally my daughter has reached the age that I admit to, 21!. Yesterday was the big day and as she’d come to stay overnight we were able to start the day with a champagne breakfast-how little it takes for the effect to happen at that time in the morning!

We went to the Highgrove Hotel for lunch so my parents, who are no longer in the first flush of youth, could join in the celebrations for part of the day. The meal was very nice and for 2 courses and coffees and drinks worked out at £25/head which I suppose shouldn’t be considered too much.

My pain level was quite bad afterwards though so I decided not to drive up to Glasgow and begged a lift instead to the Hilton where I’d decided to spend the night so I could enjoy the celebration party properly. The hotel room was very nice and the taxi rides were only £3.60 each way to the venue so ideal all round really.

The party was at Muse in Glasgow’s Queen Street and although I normally turn up more or less on time, most people arrived about an hour after the “official” start time. It was very nicely decorated with balloons anchored on the tables, photographs of my daughter throughout her life to date on the wall and banners and “21” confetti everywhere. The supper of nut-free pakora, sandwiches etc seemed popular and the birthday cake looked fab. The DJ tried his best but people didn’t really start dancing till about half 10 but it looked to me as if everyone was enjoying catching up with friends, chatting away in corners etc.

I had some people come up to tell me how wonderful my daughter was and how proud I should be of her which was nice to hear. The young people, of course, went on to a nightclub afterwards and got back to their flats about 3 in the morning but I was back in my hotel by midnight or I would have turned into a pumpkin.

My one gripe was that my photos haven’t turned out at all well but if I managed to get some from other people I’ll post them at some point in the future.