Six days ago, at six thirty in the morning, I realised while standing under a cold shower that my central heating system had broken down.  British Gas tried over 2 days to change various parts to no avail. The upshot is that I now need a new boiler.

Quote one comes from British Gas

£2642 to replace the current system with a Worcester Greenstar 12Ri  or £3391 for a Worcester Greenstar 28i combi boiler. Both are said to be high efficiency boilers and the quotes include restoring the walls to their original state afterwards and flushing through the pipes, taking away the debris and tanks  etc.

Apparently if I sign up by the 30th June I will get a £400 reduction off each quote because of the scrappage scheme.


Quote 2 comes from a local tradesman


Worcester Boiler as above £1400

Worcester Combi  as above £1750