Since my fall in Tesco’s car park way back on Boxing Day, I’ve been living in constant pain. I finally managed to get physiotherapy and have been doing the exercises but I still walk with a bit of a clicking jolt and this has impacted on my other limbs as it has been going on for so many months. The physio suggested I take pain killers to get me through the exercise routine and although I know it is only masking the underlying problem it is making a difference.

When I take the pain killers I can move around and go up/down stairs fairly well. When I take nothing I can barely get out of a chair  and it takes a while to get moving.

There is no doubt that Voltarol is amazing. The effect is almost instantaneous, probably because it is dispersible. I have none of these left however and they are only available on prescription. I’ve tried the Voltarol gel on my ankles and that works too to a certain extent but of course it does nothing to help my shoulders – which I can’t even reach when I’m stiff.

Ibuprofen over the counter seems to work quite well too but the contraindications of all these medications worry me.

I’ve tried baths, rubs, exercise and painkillers but I need something that is going to give relief on a more permanent basis.

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