Just over a week ago, Scottish Gas came out to do a “seek and repair” on a gas leak in the house. It turned out that the gas hob, which was 20 years old, had a fault and needed to be capped and condemned. So far, so bad.

I went into Comet after researching online and within 5 minutes had bought a new hob and made arrangements to get it fitted today. It is a 12 hour time slot that you get so at least I should be grateful that they came early at half 8 because once they disconnected the gas supply and dropped down the oven they went into the male workman thing of shaking their heads and muttering, “Oh we won’t be able to do this. You have the wrong kind of electricity supply!”

It turns out that when the oven and hob were put in place it must have been alright to have one mains  supply with 30 amps going to both the oven and the hob. Nowadays, I am assured, the hob part can’t have more than 3 or 13 amps (I can’t remember which he said). I’ll now have to get in an electrician to change the box behind the cooker and then get a hob fitted. In the meantime I’ve to go back to the shop to get my refund. As the oven is also 20 years old, I might be better to get a new slot-in cooker instead if I can get some handy man to saw through the worktops – arrggghhh. I can’t bear it. It’s one unexpected problem after another.


3.30 I went to the store I bought the gas hob from and they have told me that they don’t know if I have returned the hob as the driver hasn’t returned it to the delivery centre yet. As a result they won’t refund the money until tomorrow and that as that will be Sunday it will be another 3-4 working days to get the full refund – presuming the driver/delivery men aren’t pulling some scam.

Feeling really ripped off! No cooker and now no money either!

There’s a customer feedback website which I WILL be filling in at the end of all this.

Edit 2 – Sunday

I got a call just before leaving around 12 today to say that the money has been credited to my account. Let’s hope that is the case.