‘I have it on very good authority that Kate Middleton is trying to put on weight before her wedding. While most brides diet like mad in the run–up to the big day, Kate, who is already slender as a wand, is making trips to the shops to buy packets of Haribo sweets. Attagirl!’

Allison Pearson, The Daily Telegraph, 31 March 2011

‘I’m worried about Kate Middleton’s weight at the moment. The royal bride-to-be strikes me as worryingly thin. Now I know she has a big wedding to organise and the first glimpse of her in her wedding frock will be watched live by upwards of two billion people, but she seems to be vanishing before our very eyes. Kate has to accept she’s now a role model for young girls everywhere who crave the ultimate happy ever after… Am I worrying unnecessarily?’

Kay Burley, Sky News, 12 April 2011

‘Your normally healthy, lithe and athletic body… has almost disappeared, along with your curves. The last thing you want to do is to end up like Diana on her wedding day, so fretful about the future and under so much pressure that her weight had plummeted alarmingly. Yes, you still look radiant — beaming all the hope a bride has the right to feel in the run-up to her wedding. But those legs are worryingly thin.’

Amanda Platell, Daily Mail, 9 March 2011

There is an obsession about weight in the Western world. Articles abound about the latest celebrity diet, weight gain and now apparently even weight loss. The readership and the journalists who promulgate this bilge tend to be female and if questioned about their own bodies would express dissatisfaction (if the polls are any guide about the average woman’s self-esteem). When was the last time you read an article about Nick Clegg’s expanding/decreasing waistline or Prince Charles cutting back on the postprandial brandy so he can get into his slacks?

Do you care what people eat/weigh?

Do you read this type of article?

Can one be too anything?

I know that in light of my weight loss diary this might seem to display a lack of self-awareness but my weightloss is about staying fit and healthy and not about selling newspapers.