1 – You can never have sex.

2 – You shouldn’t, at any stage, visit the toilet.

3 – Don’t, whatever you do, do “one last job”.

4 – Don’t, whatever you do, utter the fatal words: “We’re going to make it. We’re going to make it,” or any derivation thereof.

5 –  Never say: “Who’s there?”

6 – Parlour games are, likewise, a really bad idea. If anyone asks, don’t play; don’t participate.

7 – It’s also vitally important to never marry anyone impulsively.

8 – Never steal from the Mob.

 The above examples are, of course, all clichés/tropes and they’re immensely comforting ones, at that. The audience know exactly where they are when a retiring cop has one week to go; a criminal has a desire to do “one more job”, a hero’s sidekick says: “I’ll go that way,” an anti-hero yells: “We’ve made it”.

It gives us a warm sense of knowing exactly what’s going to happen next; it feels like a sort of “insider” knowledge about the movie-making process.

However, occasionally, you – like smarty-pants Randy in Scream 2 – just don’t see it coming…