Ok, so we all know that if fuel in is less than fuel consumed then the result is weight loss. If fuel in is more than fuel consumed then the result is weight gain.

Simple right?

Sadly not. Since giving birth 20 years ago my weight has crept, staggered and galloped up so that I now need to lose the equivalent of a small child to avoid looking like a pig in a frock. The reasons are numerous like seeing cooking as a social event and avoiding doing it when there’s no-one to cook for, feeling nauseus when I get up in the morning so avoiding breakfast and lunch then eating the contents of the cupboard in the evening and then of course I am too tired to do any exercise after a day at work – or at least I feel as if I am too tired.

So, after looking at the medical problems of the older people in the family and being in pain myself due to a fall in the Winter, I’ve decided to get back on track and take care of myself for a change.

Today I saw the dietician, much against the advice of the doctor who thinks I already know what I need to know.  The first thing she confirmed is that my body has shut down because I have too long a gap between eating one day and starting to eat the next day. She also spoke about increasing the amount of exercise I take. Apparently a daily brisk walk of 30 minutes would lead to a weight loss of 12 pounds over the course of the year.

Starting tomorrow then, and I know it’s always tomorrow, I intend to eat more often, exercise portion control, “enjoy” the feeling of being hungry rather than give in to it and take a brisk walk every day. This part of my diary will note my daily progress or lack of it but don’t expect starting or finishing weights or even weight loss. This is about being healthy, staying healthy and increasing stamina and mobility.