Over My Dead Body – Hazel McHaffie

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Over My Dead Body is a book about organ transplantation from the point of view of various people who are part of one case. Ellie, or Elvira, is involved in a fatal traffic accident and the first few chapters concern the arguments for and against honouring Ellie’s wishes to be an organ donor when her mother is so set against it.

The rest of the book is about all the others who are involved such as the nurse coordinator, organ transportation man, police officer, part-time minister and various people who have been waiting for transplants.

The chapters are short and flit in and out of various voices as monologues by gravesides, letters and telephone conversations draw a complex picture of the ethical conundrum that death and donation make.

The only criticism I have is around a sub-plot for a character called Sally which in my opinion was superfluous. Either more needed to be made of it or it should have been removed.

Fantasy Chorale

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Yo Sushi!

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I haven’t been to Yo Sushi for years after an unfortunate incident at Silverburn but yesterday we decided to go to Yo Sushi to start off the weekend. We could have got seated right away at the bar type stools but I prefer to face the people I’m with rather than the food whizzing round on the conveyor belt so we waited 20 minutes for a booth.

The service was exemplary with friendly staff who apparently couldn’t do enough to engage with us and chat about the food and the holiday weekend. It was lovely to actually feel appreciated.

We had various dishes including Avocado Maki, Salmon & Yuzu Salsa, Beef Tataki, Crispy Salmon Skin Hand Rolls and Salmon and Avocado Hand Rolls. With drinks and one dessert (distinctly odd texture) it came to around £42 but there is a certain pleasure in seeing your food before you select it and the colour of the plate to indicate price and the calorific value of the dish highlighted on the menu meant that this was a much better customer experience than our last visit.


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